Ottawa goalie schools

Are you an adult goaltender looking to take his or her game to the next level? Do you have kids just starting out at the position? We’ve compiled a list of Ottawa goalie schools in order to help you find what you’re looking for. Please see below for a list of schools and descriptions.

Dave Stathos Goalie Performance Centre

The Dave Stathos Goalie Performance Centre is located in the West End of Ottawa, Ontario. My son has taken some of their goalie power skating sessions and we’ve been very happy with the results.

Here, from the web site, is how the goalie school describes itself:

Dave Stathos Goalie Performance Center is located within the RinkEye Development Center in Kanata, Ontario, a few steps from the Ottawa Senators’ Canadian Tire Centre. The Center is one of the largest of it’s kind totaling over 10,000 square feet of technological hockey training with specific areas for shooting, skating, stick handling, and of course goalie training.

We have 2 synthetic ice rinks with full boards and glass, including one specifically for goalie training, 6 shooting lanes featuring the latest hockey technologies, a multipsort simulator (just like the one at the hall of fame), and a party/board room.

The Center was inspired from many other hockey training facilities from around the world and features the latest technology for hockey training including the Nike Spark Vapor Strobe glasses that we use for on-ice visual training.

The Goalie Performance Center rink also uses multiple cameras providing multi-angle video feedback on split screen including slow motion video analysis. It also features an on-ice UHD TV screen allowing the goalies to get instant video feedback during the on-ice sessions. This system is the first of its kind and represents the latest advancement in goalie training. It was designed by Dave Stathos himself and developed in partnership with several technology companies specifically for this center.

Complete Goalie Development Centre

The CGD Centre is also located in West Ottawa in the suburb of Stittsville. It used to offer general clinics and goalie power skating, but appears to have shifted to more one-on-one training. It boasts Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy as an alumnus. More information here.

Bell Sensplex Goalie Academy

The Bell Sensplex is owned and operated by the parent company of the Ottawa Senators NHL team. It offers a more course-based program, which covers a different topic in each of its eight weeknight sessions. Topics include stance, post positioning and breakaways. Although I haven’t personally sent my kids to it, it looks like it would be a good option for introducing a new goalie to some of the technical aspects of the position. Here’s the website description:

The Goalie Academy is designed to improve each participant’s technique, mobility, and positioning through a combination of small group work and targeted one-on-one instruction with our best Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs goaltending instructors.

Sessions will focus on all aspects of modern goaltending technique, including goalie power skating, puck handling, defending wraparounds, screen shots, deflections, breakways, positioning, recovery, and more. All classes are designed and led by our Head Goaltending Instructor and feature a ratio of one instructor to a maximum of three goaltenders in order to allow for instant error detection and correction and individualized feedback for each goalie.

The Goalie Academy ensures that students are given the opportunity to develop in a positive learning environment. Backed by our team of dedicated instructors, our program ensures that all goalies can improve regardless of age or experience level.

We believe that perfection and excellence comes through repetition and as such all subsequent sessions while following the same  outline and structure will focus on, with new drills and other small variations, the same core skills and techniques.


There are various resources out there for anyone who is learning to play goal or wants to teach their kids. I highly recommend the book Hockey Goaltending by NHL goalie coach Eli Wilson. Click here for more info.

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