NHL Central Division probabilities

Here’s the fourth and final entry in our division probabilities series: the Central.

What follows are the HockeyMarkets.com probabilities for the upcoming season. If you’ve read about any of our probabilities here, you know how this works, but here’s a spiel for the rest:

To arrive at the projected outcomes below, Hockey Markets, as the name would imply, takes a market approach. Typically, markets are better (and faster) at integrating all available information than individuals, and opinions are backed by financial incentives. By aggregating betting market information and converting it into implied probabilities, I believe we can get a better sense of what’s actually going to happen than any hockey insider or “expert” can give us. Do markets get it wrong sometimes? Absolutely. But please do keep in mind these numbers deal in probabilities, not certainties.

To get a sense of how this works, feel free to check out the 2018 Stanley Cup probabilities here (note: since I did those numbers back in June, before the free agency period, there’s been some movement. The Dallas Stars have made a big push upwards, and the Oilers are now, from an odds perspective, the second-most likely team to win the Cup, leapfrogging the Capitals).

OK, so, let’s get an idea of where each team stands right now.

(File photo of Tyler Seguin by Lisa Gansky, Wikimedia Commons)

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