Philadelphia Flyers stock chart

As anyone familiar with hockey analytics can tell you, there are countless ways to parse and visualize hockey data nowadays in an effort to learn more about our favourite teams and make predictions about future performance.

What’s often missing is a real-money, market approach to seeing who is or isn’t underperforming relative to expectations. Let’s call it a team’s stock chart.

Using oddsmakers’ lines and hypothetical betting units of $100, we can start to get an idea of whether or not a team is as good as the public’s opinion of it.


$100 winning bet on a +150 underdog returns $150
$100 losing bet on +150 underdog returns -$100
$150 winning bet on a -150 favourite returns $100
$150 losing bet on -150 favourite returns -$150

The Philadelphia Flyers’ stock chart looks like after a full season of hockey: team stock charts

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