What are my team’s chances of winning the 2018 Stanley Cup?

The National Hockey League season ended last night, with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their second championship in as many years. For Pens fans, it was a moment to savour. For fans of other teams, the reaction was more like “finally, it’s over!” It’s time to dream anew of what next season might bring.

We can all guess at possible outcomes, but is it possible to get at least a bit of a better sense of what might happen starting in the fall? I think there is, though with this very strong caveat: it’s crazy early! The expansion draft, the entry draft and free agency could change a lot, and we have no way of knowing at this point what they’ll bring.

Still, it’s fun to look at some preliminary numbers and see what we can come up with. As with all numbers on this site, I’ve derived them by aggregating and converting betting market information into implied probabilities. So, what do we get when we look way, way ahead to next season? In the future, think of this as a snapshot of where we were on June 12, 2017.

T-3. Tampa Bay Lightning – 6.41%

5. Chicago Blackhawks – 5.88%

T-6. Anaheim Ducks – 5.15%

T-6. Nashville Predators – 5.15%

8. New York Rangers – 4.89%

9. Minnesota Wild – 4.51%

10. Toronto Maple Leafs – 4.48%

T-11. Dallas Stars – 4.31%

T-11. Montreal Canadiens – 4.31%

13. San Jose Sharks – 3.78%

14. Los Angeles Kings – 3.62%

15. Columbus Blue Jackets – 3.23%

16. Boston Bruins – 2.67%

17. St. Louis Blues – 2.66%

T-18. Calgary Flames – 2.19%

T-18. Ottawa Senators – 2.19%

20. Florida Panthers – 2.07%

21. Philadelphia Flyers – 1.81%

22. New York Islanders – 1.68%

23. Winnipeg Jets – 1.43%

T-24. Buffalo Sabres – 1.07%

T-24. Carolina Hurricanes – 1.07%

26. Detroit Red Wings – 0.94%

27. Arizona Coyotes – 0.82%

28. Vancouver Canucks – 0.76%

T-29. Colorado Avalanche – 0.71%

T-29. New Jersey Devils – 0.71%

31. Las Vegas Golden Knights – 0.35%

Thoughts? It’ll be interesting to see how much these vary over the course of the summer and into the fall, but that’s where we stand at the moment. Be sure to check back often, or if you want to make it easier on yourself, just follow Hockey Markets on Twitter here and/or on Facebook here. I’ll be posting updated in both spots. Thanks for reading!

James Gordon is publisher of HockeyMarkets.com. Follow him at Twitter.com/James_J_Gordon.

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