Pittsburgh Penguins open third round as new Stanley Cup favourites

With only four teams remaining in the NHL playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins have emerged as the favourite to eventually lift the Stanley Cup.

Oddsmakers have the Penguins at +175 to win it all, the best number for all the remaining teams (the Washington Capitals, who lost to the Pens in Game 7 last night, had been the favourite going into each of the first two rounds). The Anaheim Ducks are next at +240, the Nashville Predators close behind at +300, and the Ottawa Senators bringing up the rear at +450.

Typically home teams are given the advantage, and that seems to be the case with Anaheim and Pittsburgh. Oddmakers obviously consider Pittsburgh’s path to the final to be easier, but of course, two other teams that opened as huge favourites against the Senators – the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers – are already off to enjoy their summers.

Does that mean all is lost for Ottawa? I don’t think so. As I wrote here, I think the Penguins offer a much better match-up for the Senators than the Caps did.

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